Social media is fake.

Your problems aren’t.

Instead of scrolling down endless feeds of fake happiness, share your thoughts with like mooded people. 

OPEN is the easiest way to do so. Audio only and completely anonymous.


How are you feeling today?

Rather than respect and empathy, followers and likes are the new social currency.

Especially younger age groups are pulled in the midst of a social competition that nobody wants to compete in.

Isn’t it ironic, that social media, the very tool whose aim it was to bring us closer together, actually makes us all feel increasingly lonely?

A problem shared is a problem halved.

A pleasant and rich conversation with a stranger is an incredibly satisfying experience. 

Simply choose from a variety of moods – one that reflects how you are currently feeling.Then you will be connected with someone who is feeling the same way.

Keep in touch

The Voice Book is your place to keep in touch with your deepest connections.

If you want to re-connect or stay in touch simply send a voice message to one of your connections or share a short story with all your contacts.

Safe escape in the midst of failing social media

It is crucial to provide our users with a safe environment. In order to stay connected after the conversation both sides must actively add themselves to their Voice Book.

A sophisticated reporting system also helps to ensure a secure and relaxed user experience for those who want to fully engage with the OPEN experience.

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